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For Foreign Citizens

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Simulation technologies at ZSMPhU

The method of simulation training has become the gold standard of medical education in the world because it allows students to integrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will be necessary for them in everyday medical practice. Simulators, dummies, and training devices help students to practice their skills, as required by modern standards of medical care. It also helps to learn from their own mistakes, without harming patients.

Foreign students practice

Ukrainian and foreign students in the fourth and fifth years, who are studying medicine, are undergoing practice in the Zaporizhzhia Perinatal Center under the guidance of Iryna Amro, Associate Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of ZSMPhU. The experienced teacher and doctor will show the students the work of the departments of the medical institution in detail.

Summer school for foreign students

Foreign medical students in the fifth year from India and Nigeria, who study medicine in English at ZSMPhU, visited the Interdepartmental Training Center for Summer School classes.

New opportunities from the Baltic University Programme

Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University has become a participant of the Baltic University Programme  with the support of Uppsala University in Sweden. This opens up new opportunities for the university's international cooperation and scientific research.

Attestation of foreign graduates is going on

The final Attestation of foreign students in the 6th year studying medicine at the II International Faculty is going on. They have to pass exams in five disciplines: internal diseases, surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, children's diseases, and general hygiene. Students pass 12 stations.

Foreign graduate students are defending their master's thesis

The third stage of the final Attestation is  the defense of master's theses . Foreign students who are studying Pharmacy under the educational program "Pharmacy" at the International Faculty No. 2 have started to defend their master's thesis. Forty graduate students will defend their research papers. Seven students will present their thesis on the first day to the attestation commission, which is headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Head of the Department of Physicocolloid Chemistry Professor Andrii Kaplaushenko.

Off-line teaching of foreign students is continuing in a safe area

The Rectorate of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University takes care of the safety of students during martial law. That is why the university has equipped shelters with all the necessary technologies .Now one can teach off-line classes in various disciplines, even during an air raid there. Dummies, mannequins, and plasma screens are installed there. The Internet is available as well.

Training and experience exchange

The other day, Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages Alla Kulichenko participated in the Collegium of Academic Supervisors of the Baltic University Program 2024 held at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden).

About current issues of modern medicine and pharmacy

Today, the 84th All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students with international participation "Actual issues of modern medicine and pharmacy - 2024" is taking place at ZSMPhU. The broadcast takes place online based on the MS Teams platform. The organizers of the event were the Rector's Office, the Coordinating Council for Students' Scientific Work, and the Student Council of the Zaporizhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University.

Online meeting organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The workers of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University took part in an online meeting organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

All-Ukrainian conference of traumatologists

A significant event took place in the life of the orthopedic and traumatology community of the Zaporizhzhia region on May 17, 2024. The All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Current issues of modern traumatology and orthopedics" was held for the first time since the beginning of the war. The Ukrainian Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology, the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, and the Zaporizhzhia Regional Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology are organizers of the conference.

Ukrainian-Swiss project: another meeting

ZSMPhU took part in another meeting dedicated to the discussion of the digitization issues of the higher education institution within the participation of ZSMPhU in the Ukrainian-Swiss project "Development of medical education".

International Research Internship: Invaluable Experience and Top Quartile Publications

International cooperation in the scientific field is of crucial importance for the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, as it enables our scientists to gain experience in leading research centers, which can then be successfully implemented at the university.

Practical experience for foreign students

The professors of the Department of Therapeutic, Orthopedic and Children's Dentistry of ZSMPhU believe that the training of a professional dentist - is impossible without thorough mastering of special practical skills by students. Therefore, they generously share their powerful practical experience with future colleagues.

Congratulations on a worthy end to the sports year!

Liliya Yushina, a 2nd-year student of the Faculty of Medicine No. 3 (specialty 227 "Physical therapy, occupational therapy") took third place in the prestigious international competition of the open Italian Karate League (Karate1 Youth League - Venice 2023 ) on December 7-10, 2023, in Venice (Italy).

Secure protective shelters at the campus of ZSMPhU

The student community, which visits locations of the campus as they wish, has made sure that it is safe to stay here because of secure protective shelters.

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