ZSMPhU has opened its doors to foreign students more than 47 years ago. All this time our professors have been sharing not only their knowledge and experience but also their passion for saving humans’ lives. And thanks to this secret element we have graduated a million students who became highly respected specialists.

Life stories of our graduates make us proud and motivate to work better. That is why we are so glad to share with you the stories of our graduates.

Following father’s footsteps

Giridar Mudumbi graduated from Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University and returned home to India in 1999. He first worked as a therapist. 

Path of Doctor. From Zaporizhzhia to Los Angeles

The path of Serhii Andreiev, the future employee of the American Institute of Urology from Zaporizhzhia.

Success Story of Our Graduate

All students studying at the last year of their studies usually begin to seriously reflect on their future: how to get and master necessary professional skills, and become a highly qualified specialist.

With Ukraine in the Heart

The life path of people who chose medical education usually is not a royal one but a very interesting one. So one of our graduates, Mahbub Khondaker from Bangladesh couldn’t even imagine how colorful his life will be when he became a student of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of ZSMPhU.

Faithful service of Dr. Nabila Hamati

Dr. Nabila Hamati graduated from ZSMPhU in 1981. Knowledge gained at ZSMPhU helped her to make a good career and serve loved Motherland.

The career Path of Mohammad Amjid Afridi

Today we have received a letter from one of our alumni, Mohammad Amjid Afridi. He told us about his career achievements.

The story of Mohamad Dalloul

Every year ZSMPhU admits hundreds of foreign students.Only the best and the most prominent ones come to the finish, passing all the required exams and achieving a profession of their dream.One such student was Mohamad Dalloul, who graduated from the University in 1984.

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