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Interdepartmental Training Center

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To become highly qualified specialist students need to develop their theoretical knowledge, practical and communicative skills. To help students develop all these skills at safe and stress-free conditions we created the Interdepartmental Training Center.

This training center was created at Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University in 2018. It was created for improving the effectiveness of students’ training. This center is equipped with modern simulation equipment. With such equipment, professors can reconstruct real clinic cases and situations in real-time. The Training center is consists of several departments that are similar to the real hospital department.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is equipped as a delivery room. Noelle is the main dummy of the room. It is a simulator of the birth process that reconstructs the physiological and pathological course of events, fetus location during the birth process. There is also a realistic abdominal simulator with the help of that student, who could practice Leopold's maneuvers. For students training also are used phantoms for practicing clinical examination of a lacteal gland in normal and pathological conditions, and bimanual gynecological examination. Such a way students learn how to cope with challenges that they will meet in further professional life.

The Resuscitation Department was made for helping students to master skills for emergency help It is equipped with realistic dummies “Stat Manikin”, Code Blue III Adult and Simon. They all are aimed at checking if students learned well the helping procedure for basic and extended resuscitation. It also helps them to train actions procedure for different accidents, and learn how to make a right and urgent decision in stressful situations. With such equipment students could build up the pulse at the central vein, take one's arterial blood pressure, conduct virtual monitoring of patients' organs, conduct ECG recording, conduct defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Students could re-try and re-practice their skills at dummies and other equipment to be prepared for the treatment of a real patient. at the class.

The Inpatient Unit Simulating Department was designed for family physicians training. At this department hi-fidelity dummies as Susie and Trauma Man are used. The style of the department is maximally close to the interior of the hospital ward. The dummies could complain, breathe, cough, sweat, and cry. With such simulators, students could learn how to diagnose a blue skin, how to determine pupillary reaction, how to conduct auscultation of the heart, lungs, and abdomen, build up the pulse at central vein, take one's arterial blood pressure, conduct virtual monitoring of patients organs, conduct ECG recording, and mastering emergency aid procedure.

The Interdepartmental Training Center also includes the emergency medicine department. Students learn how to help injured people in extreme circumstances. Here one can see a simulator of a car in an accident. With this simulator, further doctors train to evacuate injured people in the correct order, stop bleeding, immobilize a broken limb or spine, to anesthetize patients and to calm relatives. The realistic environment of the room help to prepare students for work under real circumstances.

Another advantage of our training center is a so-called 3D room that reconstructs the realistic atmosphere of natural disaster, catastrophe, tactical operations. The room is equipped with video projection and audio accompaniment that create a sense of presence at the epicenter of the fire, hurricane, earthquake, terrorist attack and battlefield. To prepare students for a real situation we also equipped this part of the center with dummies with burns, gunshot wounds, mine-blast traumas, and severed limbs.

The Functional Diagnostics Department is equipped with professional medical machines used in real hospitals. Students work with such equipment as ultrasound scanners Esaote MyLab 40 and CBit 8, electroencephalograph Neurocom, Spirograph Spirolab III, electrocardiographs Biomed BE600, combined daily ECG monitors and device for arterial pressure monitoring Cardiosense AD. All these machines are designed for conducting a wide range of examinations for adults and children. We give our students the opportunity to work with real patients using real medical equipment. Thanks to that they could gain valuable clinical experience even at the pregraduate stage of the study.

The Training Center is also supplied with a virtual patient simulator called Body Interact. Body Interact could recreate a variety of scenarios from the Clinic of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Emergency. The technology allows you to communicate with a virtual patient, perform a physical examination, perform the necessary laboratory and instrumental tests, establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, choose the dosage of the drug based on the patient's body weight, height and weight. In this case, the clinical condition of the virtual patient changes depending on the help provided. Therefore, students have a unique opportunity to understand the correctness of their actions and, after analyzing the mistakes made, to draw conclusions for the future.

Simulation training promote professional skills and teamwork skills development. The main goal of the Interdepartmental Training Center is to recreate a maximally real clinical environment and conditions for preparing students for professional routine.

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