The Institute of Medical and Environmental Problems

The Institute of Medical and Environmental Problems

The Institute of Medical and Environmental Problems of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University (hereinafter the Institute) was opened in 1995 to develop and implement measures for reducing the harmful effects of the environment of a large industrial center and prevention of environmental diseases.

Professor V. Pazinich, the Head of the Department of General Hygiene and Ecology, headed the Institute from 1995 to 2009. After that it was headed by the famous Doctor of Ukraine, Associate Professor A. Sevalnev.

The structure of the Institute includes 4 laboratories:

• Laboratory for studying the impact on the health of the population of the polluted environment of a large industrial center and developing a system of medical and environmental monitoring.

• Laboratory of toxicological and hygienic research and hygienic regulation of harmful substances in the air and in the air of the industrial zone.

• Laboratory for the development of new information technologies and their application in medical and environmental research.

• Laboratory of aerobiology.

The main activities of the Institute:

• Study of the state of health of the population, the establishment of its statistical and causal relationships with environmental factors;

• development of the concept, methodology of the software and carrying out of medical and ecological monitoring;

• development and implementation of measures to reduce the impact of harmful environmental factors on public health, of harmful substances in atmospheric air;

• certification of jobs at industrial enterprises and institutions;

• toxicological and hygienic studies of chemicals and materials, industrial waste, with the development, design and approval of toxicological and hygienic passports;

• sanitary and hygienic research of substances, materials and products;

• development of methods for early detection of diseases and disorders of the main life support systems of the body due to harmful factors of the environment and the working environment;

• development of methods for correction, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of body dysfunction and diseases arising from the negative effects of environmental pollution;

• creation together with other organizations and institutions of temporary research and production associations to solve medical and environmental problems.

To conduct research, the Institute uses the premises and scientific and technical base of scientific departments and departments of the Medical University, as well as equipment purchased from the allocated budget funds and funds from economic contract works.


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