The training of new PBL tutors was held in May 26-30, 2014

Roman Sychov, the director of MEC introduced the PBL technology and its basic principles. Olga Cherkovska, the deputy director of MEC for education described the structure of studies and the main features of its methods. During training tutors play a role of students.

During the next several days the training sessions with students were conducted. Students expressed almost unanimous opinion that this system is necessary for the development of self-sufficiency and clinical thinking. The results of training were discussed with each tutor. Cherkovska O.S. received PBL tutors’ trainer certificate of St. George’s University of London.

ation, the issues on equipment and activities of MECs, adaptation of training materials for PBL, realization of learning process focused on Virtual Patients in the PC Universities (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan) were discussed.


The workshop on the results of tutors’ trainings in PC Universities was held during the meeting. The experts from St. George's University of London, the coordinator of the project of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and the other partners highly appreciated the project results and successful experience.

ZSMU team presented the draft of a plan of e-library creation in the frames of the project which was approved by all the meetings participants.

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