The round table on the issues of problem-based learning

The round table on the issues of problem-based learning was held in the frames of the conference "Actual problems of distance education and telemedicine-2013" on October 11, 2013. Among the other issues there were the problems of establishment of supra-regional networks of national centers in medical education and curricula adaptation in the terms of PBL implementation. Interesting reports dedicated to the peculiarities of implementation of problem-based learning were made by the professors of different departments of the University, such as Department of Internal Diseases (Dotsenko S.Ya., Sychov R.A.), Department of Biochemistry (Aleksandrova E.V., Krisanova N.V., Belokon L.E.), Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases (Sivolap V.V., Likhasenko I.V.), Department of Faculty of Pediatrics (Shumna T.E.), Department of Dermatovenereology (Makurina G.I., Reznichenko N.Yu.), Department of Medical Microbiology (Golubnicha V.M.). The foreign colleagues from Georgia (Nana Shavlakadze, Gulnara Shelia, Nato Alividze) presented the report on the necessary steps for changing the system of higher medical education.

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