Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine

Head of the Department:
Volodymyr PERTSOV, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.


Historical Reference

In 1972, in accordance with the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Education of the USSR dated 29/06/1981, a Military Department was established at the Zaporozhye State Medical Institute, which began training reserve medical officers in two military occupational specialties:

  • General Medicine in Ground Forces (for students of the Medical Faculty, and since 1981 for students of the established Pediatric Faculty);
  • Pharmacy (for students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty).

The first batch of reserve medical officers (517 in total) graduated in 1976.

According to the joint orders of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine No. 233/332 dated 15/12/1995 "On Establishment of Departments of Extreme and Military Medicine" and No. 215/202 dated 18/07/1996 "On Implementation of Regulations, Curriculum, Standard Staffing of Departments of Extreme and Military Medicine and Organization of Their Work" the Department of Extreme and Military Medicine was created in 1996 on the basis of the existing Department.

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 48 from 01/02/2012 "On Approval of Procedure for Military Training of Students of Higher Educational Institutions Under Reserve Officers Program" the University provides military training for students under the program of reserve officers training.

During the period from 1972 to 2020 inclusive, 16,940 reserve medical service officers were trained in military occupational specialties:

  • General Medicine in Ground Forces — for medical students;
  • Pharmacy — for pharmaceutical students.

The Department is the only one in Ukraine that has two bases for training students:

  • theoretical base — located in the main building of the University;
  • clinical base — located in five units of the City Clinical Accident and Emergency Hospital in Zaporizhzhia.

In 2013, the premises of the Department were renovated. Today the Department has a modern material and technical base, fully staffed with scientific and pedagogical personnel with experience in teaching, half of the lecturers are reserve officers with experience of military service in limited contingents (DRA, Kosovo and Africa).

Students (male and female) not older than 25 years (for the period of admission to the University), who are citizens of Ukraine, fit for military service due to their state of health and morality, are involved in the training of reserve medical officers (military training).

The number of students is determined by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine annually and approved by order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. The period of training under the reserve officers training program is 3 years.

Training of students is carried out on a voluntary basis at the expense of individuals and legal entities in the following specialties:

  • General Medicine in Navy — for students of the Medical Faculties Nos. 1 and 2 (except pediatricians), 3 years;
  • Pharmacy — students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, 3 years;
  • Dentistry — students of the Medical Faculty No. 3, 3 years.

Students who have successfully completed a full course of training under the program of reserve medical officers, passed the training session, took the Military Oath, successfully passed the state comprehensive exam, proved themselves during the period of study, medically fit, have a sufficient level of physical training and meet moral and business qualities, which are defined by the "Code of Honor of the Officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" after graduation from the University are certified to the officer staff with the assignment of the primary officer rank "Reserve Junior Lieutenant".

Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine


Educational Disciplines

Military training of students under the program of reserve medical officers is carried out in the following disciplines:

  • Military disciplines (students from first to fourth years of study):
    • General Military Training;
    • General Naval Training;
    • General Tactics;
    • Tactics and Combat Use of Naval Forces.
  • Military medical disciplines:
    • Organization of Medical Support of Troops;
    • Military Radiology, Toxicology and Medical Protection Against Mass Destruction Weapons.
  • Military-pharmaceutical disciplines (students from second to fourth years of study and pharmacists-interns):
    • Organization of Providing Troops with Medical Supplies;
    • Providing Institutions and Formations of State Disaster Medicine Service (SDMS) with Medical Supplies in Emergency Situations.
  • Military-special disciplines (fourth-year students):
    • Military Surgery with Emergency Surgery;
    • Military Therapy with Emergency Therapy.
  • Life Safety (students at first and second years of studies);
  • Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine (second-year students);
  • Extreme and Emergency Medicine (fifth-year students).


Educational and Methodical Work

The training of students at the Department is based on the curriculum of the Bologna Declaration. Lectures have been created for domestic and foreign students using multimedia technologies. Students are provided with methodical, educational and scientific literature. Much attention is paid to independent and practical work of students on emergency care.

Access to the materials of the Department:


Scientific Directions and Achievements

The main direction of scientific activity of the Department is injury surgery. The planned scientific work of the Department is to improve the treatment of patients with combined and multiple traumatic injuries of the extremities and their consequences. Lectures of the Department received 6 patents for utility models and published more than 100 scientific papers.

In 2012 Yaroslav Tielushko defended the candidate's dissertation in the specialty "Surgery" on "Optimization of Complex Treatment of Closed Chest Injuries in Victims with Isolated and Combined Trauma".

Assistant Serhii Zaitsev defended his dissertation in February 2013.

2 patents for utility models were received in 2013:

  • No. 65158 — "Method of Treatment of Trophic Ulcers of Lower Extremities" (Olena Ponomarenko);
  • No. 79484 — "Method of Installing Parenchymal Intracranial Pressure Sensor" (Dmytro Ivakhnenko).

Assistant Serhii Savchenko in 2019 defended his dissertation on "Therapeutic and Diagnostic Tactics in Patients with Acute Nonspecific Parapneumonic Pleural Empyema".

In 2019, Associate Professor Olena Ponomarenko defended her dissertation on "Treatment of Defects of Integumentary Tissues of Torso and Extremities After Injury" for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences, diploma No. 009651.


Advisory and Diagnostic Activities

Diagnostic and advisory work is aimed at providing medical care to patients with burn injuries and its consequences, thoracic surgery, neurosurgical pathology, vascular diseases and injuries, peripheral nerves and plastic surgery (Neurosurgery Unit, Cardiology Center of the City Clinical Accident and Emergency Hospital, Neurosurgery Unit of th Regional Clinical Hospital, Neurology Unit of the City Hospital No. 6, Military Hospital of the Zaporizhzhia Garrison).


Clinical Bases

  • Main building of ZSMPhU;
  • City Clinical Accident and Emergency Hospital of Zaporizhzhia;
  • Regional Clinical Hospital.

Volodymyr Muliar
Deputy Head
Director of Instruction

Viktor Berezovskyi
Senior Lecturer

Oleksandr Vovk
Reserve Officer

Valentyna Chesnokova
Inspector for Officers' Personal Records Processing

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