Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department:
Olena USACHOVA, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.


Historical Reference

In 1986, the Department was established on the basis of the Zaporizhzhia Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 2 (now the Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital).

Later, it was twice transformed into a Course of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, yet since 2014, it has been functioning as the Department, headed by Professor Olena Usachova.

During the existence of the Department (course) of Pediatric Infectious Diseases one doctoral and four candidate dissertations were defended, additionally 24 interns pediatricians-infectious disease specialists, 9 clinical residents and 5 masters of medicine were prepared on its basis.


Educational Disciplines

  • Fifth- and sixth-year students of the Medical Faculty (Ukrainian and English mediums of instruction) majoring in "General Medicine" and "Pediatrics" study Pediatric Infectious Diseases on the basis of the Department.
  • Part-time interns in the specialties "Pediatrics", "Pediatric Surgery", "Pediatric Anesthesiology", "Neonatology", "Pediatric ENT Doctors", "General Practitioner — Family Medicine" study Infectious Diseases, Particularly Dangerous Infections, Problems of HIV/AIDS, Issues of Immunoprophylaxis on the basis of the Department.

Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Educational and Methodical Work

The training of students at the Department is based on the principles of the Bologna system in accordance with the typical work programs of 2011-2013. Work programs for all disciplines have been created. Original lectures are given using multimedia technologies. All classes are provided with methodical recommendations for students and teachers. A bank of test tasks has been created for the KROK-2 licensing exams, which includes more than 2,000 tests.

Lecturers of the Department have created 4 textbooks for medical students and pediatricians, approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and 14 textbooks approved by the CMC of ZSMPhU, which are devoted to current aspects of pediatric infectology.

The staff of the Department has published manuals: "Issues of Immunoprophylaxis", "VEB Infection in Children and Differential Diagnosis with Pharyngotonsillitis Syndrome", collection of lectures "Infectious Diseases in Children".

Works on educational and methodical work of lecturers of the Department are actively published, 3-4 such articles are published annually.


Scientific Directions and Achievements

Scientific researches of lecturers of the Department are devoted to the issues of hepatology, acute respiratory diseases, rotavirus infection, TORCH-infections. Every year the staff of the Department give speeches at regional, national and international conferences, plenums and congresses, publish 15-18 scientific papers in medical periodicals.

The research of the staff of the Department is devoted to early pre- and postnatal diagnosis, prevention and treatment of TORCH-infections in pregnant women and children of the first year of life, problems of toxocariasis and rotavirus infection in children. Together with the Department of Infectious Diseases of ZSMPhU, the research "Optimization of Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Most Common Infectious Diseases Occurring Secondary to Comorbid Pathology in Adults and Children" is carried out (state registration No. 0117U006956), deadlines 2017-2022.

Guidelines "Modern Approaches to Specific Diagnosis of Congenital Cytomegalovirus and Herpesvirus Infections" (2006) were issued through the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In recent years, 3 patents for utility models have been obtained, more than 150 articles have been published.

In 2010, the staff of the Department was among the organizers of the scientific-practical conference and the Plenum of the Association of Infectious Disease Specialists of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhia).


Cooperation with Other Institutions

The Department maintains close scientific ties with the Hromashevskyi Research Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases (Kyiv), reference departments of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of Bogomolets National Medical University, as well as with all departments of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of Ukrainian universities.


Advisory and Diagnostic Activities

Employees of the Department sat at the headwaters of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases service of the oblast. Currently it is headed by the Professor Olena Usachova. All emergency calls for medical aviation are serviced by the Department staff — doctors of the highest category, who also conduct active consultative work in the Departments of basic hospitals, infectious diseases rooms (IDR) of the city districts, Central Regional Hospital, thus bringing qualified medical care to patients.

The result of the collaboration of the researchers of the Department with doctors of practical health care and students is the publication of more than 50 joint papers in medical newspapers, collections and journals.

The basic units of the Department are the units of Resuscitation and Intensive Care, units No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 7 of Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases (RCHID), as well as the Pediatric Infectious-Isolation Department of City Multipurpose Clinical Children's Hospital No. 5.

Employees of the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases supervise RCHID units.

Lecturers of the Department carry out both scheduled consultative trips within the oblast and air medical services duty.

The head of the Department holds a weekly consultation on the basis of the Outpatient Unit of the University Clinic, advises children with COVID-19, conducts educational work in the media.


Address 1: 142 Hvardiiskyi Blvd., Zaporizhzhia, 69091, Ukraine (Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases)
Telephone: +380 93 539 47 43

Address 2: 28a Novhorodska St., Zaporizhzhia, 69076, Ukraine (2 cabinets at the City Multipurpose Clinical Children's Hospital No. 5)


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