Department of Surgical and Propaedeutic Dentistry

Head of the Department:
Serhii CHERTOV, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences. In 1996, he graduated from the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy with a degree in Dentistry. He has the highest qualification category in Surgical Dentistry. He defended his dissertation on "Development and Justification of One-stage Subperiosteal Dental Implantation on Uupper Jaw" in 2009 at the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy.

Serhii Chertov co-authored 73 scientific papers, has 7 patents for copyright registration for a utility model. Since 2016, he is chairman of the Zaporizhzhia branch of the Association of Implantology of Ukraine and member of the Coordination Council of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine. Since 2019, he is the head of the Center for Maxillofacial Surgery at the Vitacenter Multidisciplinary Hospital. Chairman of the Zaporizhzhia Club of Dentists, founder and organizer of the Khortytsia Dental Forum.


Historical Reference

To optimize the educational, pedagogical and research processes, as well as to improve the training of students majoring in "Dentistry" in September 2011 there was a need for structural reorganization into two departments: "General and Special Dentistry" and "Otorhinolaryngology and Propaedeutic Dentistry". In 2012, the first 29 dentists graduated the department. In October 2013, in order to improve the educational process, the Department was reorganized into the Department of Propaedeutic and Surgical Dentistry, headed by Serhii Chertov.


Educational Disciplines

  • Second year — Propaedeutics of Therapeutic Dentistry; Propaedeutics of Orthopedic Dentistry; Propaedeutics of Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry.
  • Third year — Prevention of Dental Diseases; Surgical Dentistry.
  • Fourth year — Surgical Dentistry; Pediatric Surgical Dentistry.
  • Fifth year — Surgical Dentistry; Pediatric Surgical Dentistry; Surgical Dentistry of Maxillofacial Surgery; Implantology.


Educational and Methodical Work

All teaching materials meet the requirements of curricula in the disciplines. The Department has methodological developments for each practical class, as well as guidelines for students for independent extracurricular activities. The Department developed work programs for interns in Propaedeutics of Therapeutic, Orthopedic and Surgical Dentistry, as well as Pediatric Dentistry in accordance with the standard program. There were also issued 12 guidelines for interns and guidelines for lecturers to conduct practical classes in Surgical Dentistry with interns. In addition, the Department created lectures with multimedia presentations.

The bases for written and computer test control of the students' knowledge level from all disciplines are constantly updated. Test and situational tasks for each practical lesson in all disciplines, taught at the Department to third-to-fifth-year students, are developed.


Scientific Directions and Achievements

The Department plans and carries out research work on "Dynamic Changes in Morphological and Biomechanical Properties of Tissues of Maxillofacial Area in Rehabilitation of Patients with Adentia".

Directions of scientific work of the Department:

  • Comprehensive Planning of Rehabilitation of Dental Patients with Partial and Complete Adentia in Adults and Children;
  • Scientific Substantiation of Improvement of Organization of Dental Care to Population of Industrial Region;
  • Prevention and Treatment of Diseases of Hard Tissues of Tooth;
  • Treatment of deformities and congenital anomalies of Maxillofacial Area in Adults and Children;
  • Treatment of Injuries of Maxillofacial Area;
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Patients with Complete and Partial Adentia Using Dental Implants.


Cooperation with Other Institutions

The Department maintains close scientific ties with research institutes in Kyiv, Poltava, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Sumy, Lithuania and Poland.


Advisory and Diagnostic Activities

Employees of the Department conduct medical and consultative reception on the bases (listed below).

Lecturers of the Department introduce into practice new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases. Highly qualified dental care is provided at the bases. Lecturers of the Department take an active part in the work of the Association of Dentists, the Association of Implantologists, the Association of Periodontists of the Zaporizhzhia oblast, make different kinds of reports. All clinical bases of the Department are used for advisory activities with patients on the prevention of dental diseases and a healthy lifestyle.


Department Locations

  • Zaporizhzhia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital;
  • City Accident and Emergency Hospital (Maxillofacial Surgery Unit);
  • Sonechko, Zaporizhzhia Regional Specialized Orphanage;
  • Vitacenter Multidisciplinary Hospital;
  • Svit Dental Clinic;
  • Chertov's Clinic Dental Center;
  • Hostel No. 3 of ZSMPhU.

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