Department of Medicines Technology

Head of the Department:
Vitalii HLADYSHEV, Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Historical Reference

The Department was founded in 1967.

In 1975 the Department implemented postgraduate studies.

Since 2008, the Dpeartment is headed by Professor Vitalii Hladyshev.


Educational Disciplines

Third-, fourth- and fifth-year students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty in the specialty 226. Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, specializations Pharmacy and Cosmetics Technology study:

  • educational disciplines:
    • pharmaceutical drugs technology;
    • factory drugs technology;
    • biopharmacy;
    • pharmaceutical biotechnology;
    • technology of medicinal cosmetics.
  • elective disciplines:
    • theoretical besics of dosage form technology;
    • technology of homeopathic remedies;
    • aromology;
    • industrial cosmetics technology.

Also, while studying at the Department, students undergo training and educational practices in Pharmacy and Factory Drugs Technology.

Department of Medicines Technology


Educational and Methodical Work

The training of students at the Department is based on the principles of providing methodological and informational organization of the educational process with elements of independent work. A bank of test tasks has been created for KROK-1 and KROK-2 licensing testing, which includes more than 3,000 tests.

According to the curriculum, working programs in all disciplines have been created. Original lectures with multimedia support for domestic and foreign students have been developed. Methodical recommendations for practical classes in all disciplines for domestic and foreign students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, as well as textbooks for practical classes in Pharmaceutical Aromology and Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations.

Online courses have been created in all planned elective disciplines, which students have the opportunity to master at the Department.


Scientific Directions and Achievements

On the basis of the conducted researches the considerable theoretical contribution to pharmaceutical technology was made. Theoretical bases of creation of new rectal and vaginal medicines, soft dosage forms with antimicrobic, antiprotozoal, antiseptic medicines were developed.

A large number of developments of the Department were implemented directly in practical medicine and pharmacy. Regulatory documentation was approved and original medicines were registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: complex infusions Apivit, Hepafitol and Fitovit, creams Fitapimast, Dial, Sinapolis, Fitapiol, granules Fitapibron, Fitapigast, Fitofil, Fitapilife, Pancreophil, aqueous solution for external use Biocid.

There was adjusted an industrial serial production of more than 100 products of special food, parapharmaceuticals, household chemicals, developed by the Department according to the approved normative documentation at the enterprises of various forms of ownership of Ukraine, Latvia, Tajikistan.

Since 1993, the State Standard of Ukraine on the basis of the Department has accredited a certification testing laboratory of perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals for quality control of domestic and imported products.

According to the results of scientific research under the guidance of Professor Vitalii Hladyshev, 17 candidate dissertations were defended.


Cooperation with Other Institutions

In the process of developing new drugs, the Department works closely with the Departments of Pharmacology, Microbiology, Dermatovenereology, Analytical Chemistry of ZSMPhU, Departments of Dermatovenereology, Pharmacology and Central Research Laboratory of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy, as well as Department of Urology of Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.


Advisory and Diagnostic Activities

The Department conducts research to improve the technology of production of medicines. Regular consultations on the problems of improving the technology of production of drugs and parapharmaceuticals with employees of pharmaceutical companies in Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, etc., as well as regional pharmacies.


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