Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry

Head of the Department:
Andrii KAPLAUSHENKO, Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Deputy Chief Editor of the scientifical and practical journal "Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medicine: Science and Practice".


Historical Reference

The Department was founded in 1959. During 1959–1973, the staff was formed at the department, the material and technical base was filled, and methodological support was worked out.

Since September 2012, the Department is headed by Professor Andrii Kaplaushenko.

During 1974–1980, 7 candidate dissertations were defended, methods of physical and colloid chemistry were modernized using graphological structures and test control of knowledge, beside that a computer classroom with educational and control programs was equipped.

Department of Physical and Colloidal Chemistry


Educational Disciplines

The Department provides three disciplines: Medical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Colloid Chemistry.

Medical Chemistry (General, Bioinorganic and Biophyscoloid) is studied by first-, second- and third-year students of Medical Faculties and International Faculty No. 2, studying in the specialties 221 Dentistry, 222 Medicine (General Medicine), 224 Technologies of Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, 228 Pediatrics.

Physical Chemistry and Colloid Chemistry are studied by first- and second-year students of the Pharmaceutical Faculties Nos. 1 and 2, studying in the specialty 226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, including the specialization Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations.


Educational and Methodical Work

Educational and methodical work of the Department is provided by 1 professor (Doctor of Sciences), 4 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer (Candidates of Sciences), 1 assistant (Doctor of Philosophy in specialty 226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy) and 1 intern lecturer.

According to the academic curriculum, working programs in all disciplines have been created. Lectures for students are conducted using modern multimedia software. The staff of the Department has created and is constantly updating the bank of test tasks for the KROK-1 exam, which has more than 1,000 tests.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department:

  • prepared and published a Medical Chemistry textbook, guidelines for lecturers, students, as well as for independent work of students;
  • prepared 3 online video courses, more than 17 video lectures (including those for English-speaking students and students of preparatory courses of ZSMPhU)
  • recorded 12 new and updated 17 multimedia video presentations for students of Medical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Colloid Chemistry;
  • developed electronic textbooks for medical and pharmaceutical students, as well as students of preparatory chemistry courses at ZSMPhU;
  • worked out distance testing of current and final levels of knowledge for part-time students.

Educational and methodical work of the Department is constantly improved, new methods of teaching and control of students' knowledge are introduced. During the 2019-2020 academic year, 11 educational and methodical articles and abstracts were published, the staff of the Department participated in scientific and methodical conferences of international, regional and state levels.

Since 2015, the Department regularly holds webinars on academic disciplines, since 2016 it is possible to make up for practical classes and lectures remotely. Distance learning of students is carried out.

In 2018 the Department's website was updated, and in 2019 it was translated into English.


Scientific Directions and Achievements

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department continued to equip a modern laboratory, being the base for research on synthetic, physicochemical properties of 1,2,4-triazole derivatives. The study of biological activity of newly obtained substances, 1,2,4-triazole derivatives, is introduced.

In terms of physical chemistry, the Department continues the study of surface-active phenomena and physicochemical properties of potential medicinal substances, gas chromatographic analysis of synthesized and isolated substances from plant raw materials.

The Department has defended 4 candidate dissertations, 1 PhD dissertation, 1 doctoral dissertation, 4 PhD dissertations. Masters of Pharmacy are being trained, a student research group is working, and 11 diploma theses have been defended.

According to the results of work in the 2019-2020 academic year, staff of the Department published more than 60 scientific articles and abstracts, obtained 8 patents of Ukraine for inventions, and prepared Quality Control Method and Specification projects for potential API substances. The results of scientific work were reported and discussed at international, national and regional scientific conferences.


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