Department of Family Medicine, Therapy, Cardiology and Neurology

The Department is located on the basis of the University Clinic MESC and institutions of the Priazovkurort PJSC.

Head of the Department:
Vitalii KRYVENKO, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

The Department trains interns in specialties "Internal Diseases", "General Practice — Family Medicine", in addition, courses of thematic improvement for practitioners, both onsite and remotely.


Historical Reference

The Department was established in July 2002 and was the first Department of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University to train specialists at the stage of postgraduate education. Professor Vitalii Kryvenko was elected the Head of the Department.

In 2002-2005 the clinical base of the Department was the Central Clinical District Hospital No. 4 of Zaporizhia, and since 2006 — Zaporizhzhia Basin Hospital, reorganized into University Clinic MESC in 2008.

During the existence of the Department more than 450 specialists in General Practice — Family Medicine, Therapy, Pediatrics and Neonatology have been trained, 19 interns have completed a Master's degree, 10 doctors have successfully completed a clinical residency and 6 specialists have completed postgraduate studies. 35 courses of thematic improvement were conducted.

Department of Family Medicine, Therapy, Cardiology and Neurology


Educational Disciplines

  • Specialization (internship) of graduates of higher medical educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation in the specialty "General Practice — Family Medicine".
  • Specialization (internship) of graduates of higher medical educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation in the specialty "Internal Diseases".
  • Specialization (internship) of graduates of higher medical educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation in the specialty "Neurology".
  • "KROK-3. GMT, Therapy" for interns in all specialties.
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Modern Aspects and Clinical Interpretation of Ultrasound Examination of Heart".
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Basic Principles of Management in Health Care Under Industry Restructuring".
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Cognitive and Psychovegetative Disorders in General Clinical Practice".
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Modern Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment of Pathology of Autonomic Nervous System".
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Therapeutic Aspects of Palliative Care for Patients".
  • Thematic improvement course for doctors: "Complementary Methods of Treatment in Practice of Internists".

Disciplines in accordance with the educational and scientific program of the third level of training of Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty 222 Medicine (field of study — 22 Health Care):

  • Modern Aspects of Study of Internal Diseases;
  • Modern Cardiology;
  • Modern Neurology.


Educational and Methodical Work

Interns specializing in "Internal Diseases" and "General Practice — Family Medicine" study therapy and nervous diseases at the Department.

Classes with interns are held both in the hospital and in the clinic, where they independently, under the guidance of teachers, supervise patients and conduct reception in the clinic.

Appropriate conditions have been created at the Department for conducting practical classes and medical and diagnostic activities. The University Clinic MESC of ZSMU consists of: Cardiology Unit (60 beds), Therapeutic Unit (25 beds), Multimodal Pathology Unit (30 beds), Unit for Minimally Invasive Surgical and Endoscopic Interventions (10 beds), Zdorovia Diagnostic Center (works for 10 and 16 preventive programs), Radiology Unit, Rehabilitation Unit (physiotherapy rooms), Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, outpatient clinic with 240 visits per day (4 therapists, cardiologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, gynecologist, surgeon, traumatologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dermatovenereologist, pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, psychotherapist, urologist). The Rehabilitation Treatment Unit allows you to practice skills in non-drug prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as the use of non-drug treatments in combination with pharmacotherapy.

The Department has equipped classrooms allowing interns to perform microscopy of blood cells, urine, peakflowmetry, record ECG, watch training videos. The Department has a computer class with 11 seats with Internet access.

To develop skills in emergencies, the Department is also equipped with a CA-200GBW defibrillator with standard reusable electrodes, an AXION defibrillator, a BIOMED electric suction, a device for artificial ventilation.

To gain practical skills the Department uses:

  • in Cardiology — ECG recording, daily monitoring of blood pressure and ECG, bicycle ergometry, treadmill and stress tests, ECG, PCG, cardiovisor, determination of heart rate variability, laboratory tests (troponin I, blood lipogram, electrolyte);
  • in Pulmonology — computer spirography, peakflowmetry, pulse oximetry, X-ray examination of the chest, bronchofibroscopy, determination of sleep apnea syndrome, sputum examination, blood tests;
  • in Gastroenterology — ultrasound of internal organs, colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, X-ray examination, hydrogen breath test, fecal test for Helicobacter pylori, laboratory indicators of liver function;
  • in Rheumatology — X-ray examination of joints, ultrasound of joints, densitometry, laboratory tests;
  • in Nephrology — laboratory tests, ultrasound of kidneys;
  • in Hematology — laboratory tests, studies of organs and systems;
  • in Endocrinology — blood glucose and glucose tolerance tests, glycated hemoglobin, blood insulin, C-peptide, thyroid hormones and antibodies;
  • in Neurology — electroencephalography, electroneuro-myographic examination with registration of evoked brain potentials.

To improve practical diagnostic skills, interns participate in the interpretation of the results of internal organs radiography, performed using the Precision RXI X-ray system, manufactured by GE Medikal Systems LLS (USA), and KRAS X-ray diagnostic complex (X-ray machine 12 F 9, Ukraine).

The material and technical base of the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory has a modern Prestige 24i Biochemical Automatic Blood Analyzer (Japan), Mythic 18 Hematological Automatic Analyzer (France), K-3003 Ortiz Semi-Automatic Coagulometer (Poland), CL-50(U) Urine Analyzer (USA), Granum R30 Microscope, IMMULITE 1000 Immunofluorescent Analyzer.

To master skills in Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, the following equipment were purchased for the Department and the University Clinic: ИЕ-3000 ENT Workstation, RM-800 Refractometer, Centerfield 2 Perimeter, non-contact HNT-18 Tonometer.

To ensure the educational process and independent training of interns methodological study aids and manuals. Every year 5-6 textbooks on topical areas of InternalMmedicine and General Practice are prepared for publication.

The comprehensive development of interns as specialists is facilitated by their active participation in the research work of the Department and the preparation of scientific-practical and clinical-pathological conferences.


Scientific Directions and Achievements

  • Cardiorespiratory disorders in patients with combined obstructive sleep apnea, obesity and gastroesophageal reflux disease: diagnosis and treatment.
  • Assessment of oxidative stress and ways of its correction in people with combined course of type 2 diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis, who permanently live in the industrial region.
  • The role of the study of myocardial deformity in the diagnosis of lesions of the left ventricles and treatment of hypertension in menopausal women.
  • Prediction of safety and individualization of anticoagulant therapy for atrial fibrillation, taking into account the peculiarities of hemostasis and patients' sensitivity to warfarin.
  • Early diagnosis of cardiorenal disorders in men with hypertension in hyperuricemia: clinical and pathogenetic aspects of formation, optimization of drug correction.
  • Optimization of diagnostic and rehabilitation measures in the recovery period of hemorrhagic hemispheric stroke.
  • Optimization of diagnosis and treatment of early stages of Parkinson's disease.
  • Optimization of complex treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease stage II using transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

Under the guidance of Professor Vitalii Kryvenko 4 candidate dissertations and 9 Master's theses were defended. Professor Mykhailo Kolesnyk is the supervisor of 3 PhD-dissertations, 1 of which has already been defended.

Another research supervisor of 3 postgraduate students, working for the PhD degree, is Associate Professor Alina Demchenko. Under the guidance of Professor Svitlana Medvedkova 1 dissertation work is developed.

In 2019, the scientific research of the Department on the topic "Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Comorbid Pathology of Internal Organs in Industrial Region" was completed.

Since 2019, employees have been participating in the interdepartmental scientific research "Comorbid Conditions, Cardiovascular and Oncological Diseases in General Clinical Practice: Development of Modern Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools."

During the existence of the Department more than 700 works were published in the materials of congresses, conferences, symposiums, 255 articles, despite that 23 patents and 5 copyright certificates were received. The results of scientific research have been introduced into the practical and medical activities of medical institutions and the educational process of the departments of therapeutic profile of medical higher educational institutions of many cities of Ukraine.


Treatment and Diagnostic Activities

The Department is the core one for the University Clinic MESC. Professor Vitalii Krivenko advises patients of pulmonological profile in the Consultative Medical-Diagnostic Center of the University affiliated to the University Clinic, and also carries out rounds of patients in inpatient departments of the Clinic. Consultations of patients with a cardiological profile in the Consultative Medical-Diagnostic Center are conducted by Professor Mykhailo Kolesnyk, who, in addition, is the curator of the Cardiology Unit and the ultrasound diagnostics service of the Clinic. Associate Professor Svitlana Pakhomova conducts rounds of the Multimodal Pathology Unit. Associate Professor Olena Fedorova is the curator of the Therapeutic Unit and the Metabolic Disorders Center. Associate Professor Ihor Kachan is the curator of the Cardiology Unit, conducts echocardioscopic examinations. Assistant Iryna Nepriadkina is responsible for medical work at the Department, is the curator of the outpatient clinic, as well as advises and treats patients of the Therapeutic Unit. Assistant Olha Borodavko is engaged in curation in the Cardiology Unit of the Clinic.

Patients not only from the Zaporizhzhia region, but also from other regions of Ukraine are examined and treated in the centers and departments of the Clinic. The latest methods of diagnosis and treatment are constantly introduced in the practical medical activities with the participation of the Department. Employees of the Department and postgraduate students constantly supervise and consult patients in the departments of the Clinic, conduct instrumental research in the Diagnostic Unit.

The Department consults an average of 2,800 patients per year. Under the leadership of the Department, thematic scientific-practical conferences are held monthly, where topical problems of modern medicine are discussed, and twice a month interesting clinical cases are analyzed with the participation of interns.


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