Center for Distance Education, Telemedicine, and Education Quality

Center for Distance Education, Telemedicine, and Education Quality

Head of the Department — ANDROSOV Oleksii

Adress: 26 Maiakovskoho Ave., Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine
Telephone: +380 61 224 68 16
Website of Center for Distance Education, Telemedicine, and Education Quality


The Center for Distance Education, Telemedicine, and Education Quality (CDETEQ) of ZSMPhU was established in 2005 on the basis of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Informatics and Advanced Technologies and the Center for New Information Technologies.

The Center operates on the basis of the Law "On Education", the Law "On Higher Education", the Law "On National Informatization Program", "Regulations on Distance Learning" (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 466 dated 04/25/2013 with amendments), the concept of the development of distance education in Ukraine, the concept of informatization of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University 2020-2025, relevant orders and orders of ZSMPhU.

The purpose of the Center's activity is the realization and implementation of digitalization and Smart-education technologies into the educational process, promotion of the formation and development of the system of distance education of students according to the relevant educational programs, interns, trainees of the Educational and Scientific Center for Postgraduate Education and self-training of students in the unified information space of ZSMPhU, provision of external access via the Internet to the information resources of the university, as well as the involvement of the CDETEQ in the implementation of the educational and scientific process at ZSMPhU.

The main tasks and functions of the Center:

  • working with the contingent, creating and maintaining accounts of staff and students, supporting Microsoft 365 groups;
  • technical support for Microsoft 365 cloud services, in particular MS Teams;
  • methodical support of departments on the creation and operation of online courses on the edX platform, which includes assistance in the development of online courses, preparation of educational elements (video and photo processing) and support for the launch and operation of courses;
  • support of the Ratos automated educational system and testing of academic disciplines and preparation of students to take the KROK licensing integrated exams;
  • participation in the internal system of ensuring the education quality in terms of monitoring the state of conducting educational classes (lecture, practical, seminar classes);
  • processing and analysis of monitoring results, etc.;
  • support of educational and scientific events, holding conferences of various levels that take place at ZSMPhU, meetings, certifications, etc., provided for in the schedule of the educational process using distance learning technologies.


26 Maiakovskoho Ave., Zaporizhzhia, 69035, Ukraine
Tel: +380 61 239 68 90

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