Department of Foreign Languages

Acting Head of the Department:
Daria MOSKVITINA, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences.


Historical Reference

During the existence of the department, lecturers were engaged in research in the field of methods of teaching foreign languages ​​in medical universities, finding ways to improve and optimize the educational process.

In 2005, the Department was headed by Professor Valentyna Skybina, Doctor of Philology, an outstanding specialist in the field of Germanic languages, author of many monographs and scientific articles. She established her school in the field of lexicography, is an active participant in national and international scientific conferences. Under her supervision 3 dissertation works are planned and executed.


Educational Disciplines

  • Latin and Medical Terminology, studied by domestic and foreign first-year medical students in the specialties "Medicine" and "Pediatrics", as well as domestic first-year students in the specialties "Dentistry" and "Laboratory Diagnostics".
  • Latin and Pharmaceutical Terminology, studied by domestic and foreign first-year pharmaceutical students, majoring in "Pharmacy", as well as domestic first-year pharmaceutical students, majoring in "Technology of Perfume-Cosmetic Preparations".
  • English and English for Specific Purposes, studied by domestic medical and pharmaceutical students students of first, second and third years of study.
  • English, Latin, German and French, studied by domestic pharmaceutical students part-time.
  • English for Specific Purposes, studied by foreign students in the specialties "Medicine", "Dentistry", "Pharmacy".


Educational and Methodical Work

ZSMPhU is one of the training centers for doctors and pharmacists for many English-speaking countries. The Department trains colleagues from the profile departments of the University to teach professional disciplines in English.

The training of students at the Department is based on the principles of providing methodological and informational organization of the educational process with elements of independent work, as well as on the introduction of new effective forms of knowledge and skills control.

Every year the staff of the Department updates the work programs in all disciplines in accordance with the curriculum of ZSMPhU and the programs of the support departments. Annually, educational and methodological literature is developed and published for first- and second-year students of medical and pharmaceutical faculties, masters, postgraduate students and other courses participants.

ZSMPhU has created a highly productive system for learning English.

Improving the level of teaching foreign languages subject to the current requirements of society is one of the priority areas of work of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University. Together with the planned update of "English" and "English for Specific Purposes" work programs for students of medical and pharmaceutical faculties of first, second and third years of study, annually the staff develops a number of additional English courses for students, masters, postgraduate students, lectures and University staff.

For students who want to deepen their level of English, there are multi-level English courses (EFL — English as a Foreign Language), developed on the basis of Cambridge University Press (CUP), Longman, Pearson Education. Senior and postgraduate students are offered the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course, which is based on the CUP's "English in Medicine" and "Professional English in Use".

All students have the opportunity to choose elective online courses: "English for Professional Purposes (Advanced Level)" and "Second Foreign Language" (German or French).

Postgraduate students of the University take courses in in-depth study of English in various medical fields. The program of this course has been developed according to the current requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which will help the course participants to prepare for international exams in a foreign language, as well as to work fruitfully in their scientific field.

There are also courses for lecturers and staff of the University working with English-speaking students (General English of different levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate). Since 2004, participants have received 427 certificates with the right to teach professional disciplines in English.

The peculiarity of all courses at the first stage is the high-quality and differentiated selection of students by language proficiency levels according to the international recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference. The next, no less important, component is a clear thematic structuring of each course in modules, aimed at mastering all important language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing.

During the courses computer classes, interactive whiteboards and educational-methodical complexes from disciplines, including Student's Book, Work Book, CD/DVD dicks, e-books are actively used. That as a whole promotes high-quality provision, processing, consolidation of material and control, as well as increases the interest and motivation of the contingent of courses.

Of course, such a number of courses requires constant professional development of lecturers, so to ensure quality foreign language teaching at the University, lecturers of the department annually take an active part in various scientific and methodological programs, namely: scientific and methodological and practical conferences, workshops, trainings and webinars, conducted by leading organizations in the field of foreign language teaching methods — British Council, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Macmillan and Pearson Education. The knowledge and skills acquired in such programs are reflected during practical classes, as well as in educational and methodological and scientific publications of lecturers of the Department.

The Department has a Speaking Club, where students discuss with native speakers on various pressing topics in English, as well as a Lingua Linguistic Club, where students discuss language issues with lecturers and consider aspects of local lore, with special emphasis on technical issues of translation of medical literature and medical terminology.

An Ex Libris Reading Club is held by the Department together with the Department of Ukrainian Language and Cultural Studies of ZSMPhU and Khortytsia National Training and Rehabilitation Academy. The purpose of the event is to involve ZSMPhU students in reading fiction, as well as in discussing literary topics with students of another higher education institution. At the meetings of the club the issues of interaction of the art of words with the art of healing are discussed; problems of medical discourse are considered; medical themes in works of modern Ukrainian and world literature are analyzed. The language of the event is Ukrainian.

A round table "English language: way of thinking, professional communication and dialogue of cultures" is held by the Department together with Zaporizhizha National University and Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University. The purpose of the event is to involve ZSMPhU students in dialogue and exchange of experience in learning a foreign language with students from other universities in the city. As part of the event, participants prepare and present reports on such relevant topics as the benefits of foreign language skills, the use of English in the professional field, travel, internships, communication with representatives of other countries; national features of celebrating traditional holidays in different countries. The language of the event is English. The most active participants receive certificates.


Cooperation with Other Institutions

The Department provides professional assistance to the Administration, ZSMPhU departments, health care bodies and individual citizens in the translation of documentation, letters, scientific materials, etc.

In 2016, the Polyglot Language Center, being the official Cambridge Examination Center, and Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University signed a Memorandum of Partnership. This Memorandum of Partnership reflects the University's desire to become a Cambridge Preparation Center and allows the use of the name Cambridge Preparation Center and the Exam Logo.

The SMRT distance learning program, developed by the Canadian College of English Language (Vancouver, Canada), is open to everyone. The program includes level courses in English (ESL), as well as a special course "English for the medical field" (Health Sciences). Once a month for SMRT participants and all comers there are Speaking Club meetings, which are attended by both domestic and English-speaking students. Lecturers involved in these courses received special training from Canadian College of English Language lecturers.

The cooperation of the Department with the Caritas Ukraine International Charitable Foundation within the framework of the volunteer movement is aimed at developing students' traditions of charity and social work, based on Christian moral and ethical values. Student volunteers help the staff of the children's center in working with children with special needs during master classes and trainings, as well as during the organization and holding of events, implementation of various social projects. The most active members of the movement receive a volunteer certificate.

The Department cooperates (participation in scientific conferences and information exchange) with the Department of English and German Philology of Poltava V. G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University.


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