Departmental Documentation on Medical Work

Departmental Documentation on Medical Work

  1. Agreements on cooperation with health care institutions, which are the clinical bases of the department;
  2. List of hospital departments and curators of the department;
  3. Annual reports on medical work;
  4. Copies of monthly information (appendix to the time sheet) about the performed medical work of each employee of the department;
  5. Copies of certificates of medical categories of employees of the department, courses of continuous professional development, participation in congresses, conferences;
  6. Schedules of consultations in basic and non-basic clinical institutions, schedules of clinical rounds, the list of department, where employees of the department carry out medical work;
  7. Schedules of shifts of employees of the department in health care and sanitary aviation;
  8. List of employees of the department, who are members of the Attestation Committee, freelance specialists, heads of clinic departments;
  9. Schedules of planned and consultative trips to the districts of the oblast;
  10. Employee reports on planned and advisory visits to the districts of the oblast, reports on the work of medical commissions for reviewing complaints and participation in the CEC in accordance with the orders of the regional and city departments of health care.

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