Following father’s footsteps 

Following father’s footsteps

Giridar Mudumbi graduated from Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University and returned home to India in 1999. He first worked as a therapist. Nowadays, he heads Sri Tirumala Nursing Home Clinic in the state of Telangana, near Hyderabad.

"When my elder son grew up, there were no doubts that he would study only in Alma mater. Here I got very deep knowledge, which helped me to pass the exam in the Higher Medical Council of India easily and work successfully as a doctor. I am no exception, almost all graduates of our university build a good career at home, hold high positions. Probably because nobody makes any allowances for students during their studies. I remember your lectures on pathophysiology, and especially the exam that I passed to you personally, Yuriy Mikhailovich.", told Giridar Mudumbi during the meeting with the Rector.

"Did you pass the exam on the first attempt?", asked Yuriy Mikhailovich with a laugh.

"Of course! I am very grateful to you for the knowledge I got. That's why I decided to send my son to ZSMPhU too. I'm very impressed with all changes that have taken place in the university since I graduated. Everything has been changed so much. There are so many new equipments. Computers and multimedia panels are everywhere. Laboratories have changed beyond recognition It's great that online technologies and modeling of clinical cases on dummies. As for my son, he likes the university campus.

Acharya Shesh Pani Chandra Mudumbi is the son of Giridar Mudumbi, who successfully passed the entrance exam and was admitted to the first-year course of the international faculty of ZSMPhU. He will take a course in English.

The father hopes that his son will not let him down. He also hopes that the family tradition will be continued in a few years when his youngest daughter will be admitted to Zaporizhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University.

On behalf of the administration, Professor Yuriy Kolesnik gave Giridar Mudumbi an honorary diploma for his high achievements in the profession.

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