Quality Management System Certification

In order to improve the quality of training of specialists, competitive in the world labor market, ready for fruitful professional activity, by order of the Rector of the University No. 163 dated 10/04/2014, we started to implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

The Quality Management System of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University is based on the following principles:

In addition to focusing on the external customer of educational services, the university pays considerable attention to the requirements of internal customers, namely: process organizers, scientific and pedagogical staff, teaching and support staff, other employees of the university. After all, the satisfaction of the needs of university staff directly impacts on the quality of their work, and, as a result, the level of satisfaction of customers of educational services;

According to the results of the external audit conducted by the UKRSERT Quality Systems Certification Body on June 12, 2014, Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University received a certificate of compliance of the Quality Management System with DSTU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008), registered in the Register of ROSUKRSERT Certification System No. 8О0-0315-14.

  1. Customer Focus. In order to implement this principle in ZSMPhU customers of educational services were identified as follows: applicants, students, their parents, employing organizations, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, course participants, postgraduate students, etc..; responsibility for identifying their requirements and needs was distributed; ways to establish feedback with customers were identified; actions in case of their dissatisfaction were considered.
  2. Leadership. The Administration of ZSMPhU ensures the unity of goals and directions of the university development, creates an internal environment that allows all employees to be fully interested in achieving goals in the field of quality;
  3. Involving Employees. In order to implement this principle, the university defines the responsibility of each employee and his personal contribution to achieving the goals; a system of motivating employees to properly perform their tasks has been developed;
  4. Process Approach. According to this principle, any type of activity is considered as a process that uses the necessary resources to convert input data (customer requirements) into output one (quality of services provided). For this purpose, the university has:
    • identified 36 processes that have a direct or indirect impact on the quality of educational services, which in turn are divided into microprocesses, stages, operations;
    • identified the necessary resources for their implementation (research and teaching staff, infrastructure and working environment, financial resources, library and information support, etc.);
  5. System Approach. For certain processes of the Quality Management System, input and output information and material flows were established, which ensured the establishment of links between these elements and their management as a single system that contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation;
  6. Continuous Improvement is implemented through internal audits, monitoring and measurement of processes, monitoring of the educational services quality, critical analysis by management, the introduction of corrective and preventive actions;
  7. Fact-Based Decision-Making is ensured by systematic objective internal inspections, evaluation of processes, monitoring of the education quality;
  8. Mutually Beneficial Relationships with Suppliers. The University cooperates with its suppliers (secondary schools, HEI of II-III levels of accreditation, healthcare institutions, subcontractors, etc.) with the awareness of interdependence, so their relationship is based on mutual understanding of the needs of both parties.
    • scientific and pedagogical workers involved in the educational process are highly qualified, competent and able to perform the assigned work at a high level;
    • there are established methods of providing educational services in the healthcare;
    • the conditions in which the student studies meet the established requirements;
    • any non-compliance with the requirements that may be detected in the work, documentation, the results of student performance testing, etc., are subject to analysis, search for reasons for their appearance, elimination, in order to prevent their recurrence.

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