Tutorials on Paediatric cases. Second batch

In the frames of TAME project the tutorials on the basis of 6 paediatric cases with Virtual Patients and medical errors were conducted in the 2017-2018 academic year. 
33 5th-year students of the Medical Faculty No2 (specialty “Paediatry”) were chosen by random sampling for the tutorials on VP paediatric cases with medical errors. The timetable for the students was modified in such a way that the tutorials were planned for the period from 14 November, 2017 to 21 December, 2017.
The elective course “Training on medical errors in paediatry” was  implemented as follows: 96 Hours, incl. 54 hours for classwork (36 hours for tutorials and 18 hours for lectures) and 42 hours for independent work. 
Before the tutorials a lecture on D-PBL and medical errors was conducted for all students. A pre-test on identifying the level of students’ knowledge was also conducted (54 questions on finding one best answer). 
Important docs:
Rector's Order for creation of a team of tutors for paediatric VP cases of 2017-2018 academic year
Curriculum for course “TAME: Training against medical error in Paediatry” for the 5th-year students

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