Attestation of foreign graduates is going on

Attestation of foreign graduates is going on
The final Attestation of foreign students in the 6th year studying medicine at the II International Faculty is going on. They have to pass exams in five disciplines: internal diseases, surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, children's diseases, and general hygiene. Students pass 12 stations.
Most of the exams have already been passed.  Today a committee of professors and associate professors of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the pediatric departments are checking the competence of graduates in these areas of medicine. The attestation commission is headed by the head of the Department of Internal Medicine # 3, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Serhiy Dotsenko.
According to him, the process is going smoothly. The students are prepared. They have mastered such format of the Attestation well. They perform multi-level standardized tasks conscientiously and demonstrate clinical case studies. The day before the attestation professors organized a consultation for students. They familiarized the students with the structure of the exam, and examples of similar tasks, and answered all the questions.
 The list of stations also includes Body Interact technology. The professors are examining the performance of practical skills in all clinical disciplines with this technology.

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