Off-line teaching of foreign students  is continuing in a safe area

Off-line teaching of foreign students is continuing in a safe area

The Rectorate of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University takes care of the safety of students during martial law. That is why the university has equipped shelters with all the necessary technologies .Now one can teach off-line classes in various disciplines, even during an air raid there. Dummies, mannequins, and plasma screens are installed there. The Internet is available as well.

Foreign citizens need to get an offline education, to acquire practical skills to the required extent, as required by the legislation of the countries from which the students came to our university. So, the ZSMPhU Rectorate pays attention to the issue. To create the most comfortable and safe conditions for foreign students studying, the Rectorate of the university reached an agreement with the administration of the Zakarpattia region to organize the study of foreign students in one of the safest corners of Ukraine, near the western border - in the city of Berehove as early as 2023.

The first groups of foreign students have continued the study process in Berehove. The location for classrooms arrangement was kindly provided by the administration of the Berehove Medical College. The rector of ZSMPhU, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk, the first pro-rector, associate professor Mykola Avramenko came to Berehove to check out the conditions of studying and living of foreign students.

A meeting  with the rector of ZSMPhU, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk, the head of the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration, Viktor Mykyta, his deputies, representatives of the Zakarpattia Regional Council, the mayor of Berehove, Zoltan Babyak, and the head of the Berehove Medical College, Maryana Gaal has been also held today. They have discussed the deepening of the cooperation between ZSMPhU and Berehiv Medical College, and the central district hospital named after B. Linner.

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