Practical experience for foreign students

Practical experience for foreign students

The professors of the Department of Therapeutic, Orthopedic and Children's Dentistry of ZSMPhU believe that the training of a professional dentist - is impossible without thorough mastering of special practical skills by students. Therefore, they generously share their powerful practical experience with future colleagues.

The department has currently organized training for foreign students studying in the 5th year of the International Faculty No. 2 on the basis of the Medical Educational and Scientific Center "University Clinic" of ZSMPhU, The students are happy to work under the guidance of the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the department Oksana Kokar, who is the guarantor of the educational and professional program "Dentistry".

"Our young colleagues got their first experience of communicating with a patient," said Oksana Oleksandrivna. - They conducted a clinical examination of patients with a therapeutic profile and mastered basic practical skills in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in therapeutic dentistry. They approach classes conscientiously, with interest and understanding that soon they will have to do such practices on their own."

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