A worthy scientific work of a fifth-year student

A worthy scientific work of a fifth-year student

Kateryna Detyukova, a fifth-year student of the First Medical Faculty of ZSMPhU, presented Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University with two scientific papers in the fifth online section of the IMEDSCOP international scientific and practical conference at Poltava State Medical University.

An interesting scientific study was conducted in English on internal diseases on the topic: "Comparative analysis of coronary angiography and optical coherence tomography as methods of intravascular visualization of coronary arteries". The study was carried out under the supervision of the scientific advisor, assistant professor of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 2, and candidate of medical sciences Oleksandr Tokarenko. the student took second place for her presentation on methods of internal visualization of coronary arteries and received a diploma as well as valuable gifts in this part of the conference.

Kateryna also prepared another study, on English philology, on the topic: "Formation peculiarities of the military medical abbreviations (on the material of the English language) for the conference together with the scientific advisor, senior lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, candidate of philological sciences Maryna Kalashnikova.

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