ZSMPhU in the European Community of Medical Physics

ZSMPhU in the European Community of Medical Physics

The European Federation of Medical Physics Organizations and the Czech Association of Medical Physics (CAMP) organized and conducted the European School of Medical Physics Experts (ESMPE) "Uncertainty Analysis and Statistical Methods in Medical Physics", which was attended by an associate professor of the Department of Medical Physics, Biophysics and Higher Mathematics of ZSMPhU Tatiana Strogonova.

About 150 scientists and experts in medical physics from universities and clinics in Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and France were invited to participate in the work of the school in Prague. The topic of ESMPE was the use of statistical methods in the processing and interpretation of medical data: methods of inferential statistics, that are most often used in the medical field, taking into account errors and uncertainties in the analysis of medical images, radiomics, and epidemiology.

The European School of Medical Physics Experts (ESMPE) is the starting point for improving educational and training programs for medical physics in Europe. ESMPE organizes educational and training events in medical physics specifically aimed at medical physicists who are already experts or who wish to become medical physics experts (MPEs). The main topics of ESMPE events are related to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation used in medicine (nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, diagnostic and interventional radiology, MRI, ultrasound), as well as to such separate topics as statistics, and artificial intelligence.

According to the results of her studies, Tetyana Stroganova successfully passed the exam and received a certificate as an expert in medical physics. The experience gained will allow her to improve work programs in medical physics, and statistics for students and postgraduates, to organize scientific work taking into account the best European experience, to enrich the international cooperation of ZSMPhU with new connections.

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