Meeting with foreign students

Meeting with foreign students

The regular meeting with students of the 6th year of the "Medicine" specialty was held by the dean's office of the International Faculty No. 2. Preparation for taking the licensure exam STEP-2 and the organization of its holding were discussed at the meeting. 
The dean of the faculty and associate professor Taras Ivanenko informed the participants of the meeting that by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 1898 of 02.11.2023, the criteria for successful completion of the single state qualifying exam and the values of the criterion "pass" for integrated license exams at the level of 64% correct answers were approved.
Students were interested in the format of the upcoming final certification. Taras Vasilovich spoke about last year's experience of taking the exam abroad at certified centers. He also said that the list of countries where such centers would operate again would be selected in advance and applicants would be able to choose a center that is convenient for them.
Also, the dean emphasized the possibilities for preparing for the exam, in particular,  the usage of the educational module of the Testing Center.

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