Bulgarian students study Ukrainian

Bulgarian students study Ukrainian

The Foreign Citizens Training Center under the leadership of Associate Professor Larisa Vasetska has introduced an intensive course: "Ukrainian as a foreign Language" for first-year students of the Republic of Bulgaria,  who are studying specialty 226, "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy". Organizational meetings were held for students. They were introduced to the purpose and tasks of the course, topics of practical classes and independent work, a list of practical skills, educational and methodological support, and criteria for knowledge evaluation.
Bulgarian students had lectures with such interesting topics, as: "Language etiquette"  "Customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people"  "Mysteries and mysteries of the island of Khortytsia"  and "About the campus of ZSMPhU". They took part in discussions on current topics - "Culture of everyday communication in Ukraine"  and "Healthy lifestyle".
Bulgarian youth were interested in the online tour "Zaporizhzhia - a city that inspires and fascinates". They were fascinated by the history of the city, picturesque landscapes, and unique sights and expressed a desire to visit it in person.
Foreign citizens took part in the quiz game "What do I know about Zaporizhzhia '', which was organized for them by assistant professors Larisa Vasetska and Inna Abramova. Students were asked questions about the history of Zaporizhzhia and the Zaporizhzhia region. The game contributed to the effective learning of the material. Students communicated, developed creativity skills, and enhanced their knowledge about the city. They organized and spent an evening with acquaintances to get to know each other better and prepared New Year's videos with great interest.
According to Associate Professor Inna Abramova, who is responsible for organizational and educational work at the Center, such events help foreign students deepen their knowledge and inspire them to further study.

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