Young scientists join forces

A meeting was held on the basis of the Zaporizhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University. The  memorandum of cooperation between  ZSMPhU and  Zaporizhia National University was signed. The meeting was moderated by the chairman of the Coordinating Council for Scientific Work of students ZSMPhU, Professor Ihor Belenichev. The ZNU delegation was headed by the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists Ruslan Aminov.
The memorandum concerns to the coordination of efforts in scientific activities, the creation of joint educational and research projects, which will contribute to the improvement of the quality of training of specialists of both universities.
It is intended to deepen cooperation and unite the efforts of young scientists to achieve fruitful results in the field of scientific and scientific and technical activities, international cooperation. It is planned to hold joint student scientific events with the participation of scientific societies of students, postgraduates and PhDs, joint scientific research by students and young scientists, exchange of experience and implementation of other interesting projects.
Student activists of both institutions of higher education got to know each other and discussed scientific initiatives for the future during the meeting.

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