A scientific breakthrough in the ZSMPhU laboratory - stem cells were isolated!

A scientific breakthrough in the ZSMPhU laboratory - stem cells were isolated!

The scientific field is developing at the University thanks to the joint effort of experienced and young scientists. The head of the Department of Pathological Physiology with the Course of Normal Physiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Olga Gancheva shared the good news: an extraordinary event took place in the laboratory of cell cultures - stem cells were isolated from adipose tissue.
A modern laboratory of cell cultures and bioengineering has started working on the basis of the Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University in the spring. It is equipped according to modern world standards: two unique Carl Zeiss microscopes are installed; there are ultra-modern incubators for growing cell cultures, a low-temperature freezer for their storage at a temperature of -80 °C, laminar boxes of the latest generation for individual protection of employees. Scientists are provided with all the conditions to study pathological processes at the molecular cellular level without laboratory animals, in accordance with the norms of bioethics, as it is practiced all over the world.
Associate professors of the Department of Pathological Physiology with a course of normal physiology, doctors of philosophy Maksym Danukalo and Maria Isachenko, and assistant of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, doctor of philosophy Serhiy Maslennikov are the young generation of scientists. They work under the supervision of professors Olga Gancheva and Maksym Holovakha. The young generation of scientists successfully coped with the problem of extracting stem cells from adipose tissue.
Professor Olga Gancheva says: " Our scientific achievement is the success of the entire team because science can successfully develop thanks to the high technologies that we have in the cell culture laboratory. We constantly feel the support and help of the rectorate, especially the rector of ZSMPhU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yuriy Mykhailovych Kolesnyk. Under such favorable conditions, we are able to research cell cultures, which are currently the most modern level on a global scale.
We consider this as an achievement, an important event. We took on a difficult problem, solved it, and worked out the algorithm. Now we are continuing on this path. Now we are planning a new direction - cell phenotype identification. It has its own peculiarities: how to fix it on the slide, paint it, etc. This is the next stage, and we are ready for it.
I hope that we will report on new achievements of our team in the spring. I would like to note the persistence of my young colleagues. The important thing is that they have got a unique experience and strong motivation for the future. They are scientists of the new age , they work passionately, with enthusiasm, regardless of personal time, under martial law.

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