The high level of the scientific journals of ZSMPhU was approved

The high level of the scientific journals of ZSMPhU was approved

The high level of the scientific journals published by  ZSMPhU was approved at the meeting of the attestation board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine which took place on October 25.

The expert groups studied detailed information about each journal, in particular, about the members of the editorial board and their expertise in the declared specialties, according to which the results of thesis research can be published. The expert groups also checked the quality of reviews and international indexing of publications.

The journals "Modern Medical Technologies" as well as "Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal" and "Pathology" were put on the list of the Ukrainian scientific publications of  A category. "Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal” and  "Pathology"   are indexed by the leading scientometric database Web of Science, and the journal "Modern Medical Perspectives" is included in Scopus. This is an unprecedented case among institutions of higher medical education when three university scientific publications are presented in the world's most prestigious scientometric databases.

The journal "Current Issues of Pharmaceutical and Medical Science and Practice" was added to the list of the category "B".

It should be mentioned that all scientific journals of ZSMPhU are indexed by various specialized scientometric databases and included in hundreds of scientific libraries of the world's leading universities, including such prestigious ones as Yale, Cambridge, and Stanford.

We would like to remind you that from February 2022, publication in all journals is free for authors. You can submit articles via the journal sites:

"Zaporizhzhia Medical Journal" -

"Pathology" -

"Current issues of pharmaceutical and medical science and practice" -

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