About the beauty of the Ukrainian to foreign students

About the beauty of the Ukrainian to foreign students

The scientific group "Ukrainian Word" at the Department of Language Training, headed by Associate Professor Olena Tsupikova, gathered 14 foreign students of the 2 and 3 years and professors for another online meeting in the celebration of the Day of the Ukrainian Language and Literacy. They discussed the improvement of the social and cultural skills of students, that necessary for adaptation to the national Ukrainian environment; development of analytical and critical thinking; and formation of creative self-fulfillment of future specialists.

The professors of the department paid attention to tasks that involved both individual and group work of students. They also prepared a visual presentation. "Brainstorming" was the first part. The professors used mnemonics aimed at developing memory and assimilating a large amount of information. Thus, Olena Tsupikova demonstrated the system of reproducing poetic lines with the help of a mnemonic table using the example of Mariyka Pidhiryanka's poem "Oh, how wonderful, bright and rich..." Yulia Kravchenko together with the students tried to recreate the lines of V. Sausyura's work "Love Ukraine" encoded in the pictures. Utaleb Aya beautifully recited Fyodor Pantov's poem "Loves his native language", and Landa Toalombo and Shirley Andrea recited "Mother's Testament".

Foreign students liked the quiz "We know the Ukrainian language - we will guess riddles and jokes!". They read their favorite proverbs and explained their meanings. The students were happy to say the sayings in French, English, and Ukrainian. They liked the task called "The soul sings with the native word". They took part in a master class on writing senkan on the topic "We are the creators of the poetic word". All participants of the "Ukrainian Word" group enjoyed the interesting tasks, master class, and dialogue and felt the inspiration of friendly cooperation with professors.

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