Workers of ZSMPhU at the European Congress

Workers of ZSMPhU at the European Congress

The congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology took place in Berlin from October 10 to 14. A large number of delegates from all over the world visited the congress this year. It was about 15 thousand participants in total. Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University was represented by the Head of the Department of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology with the course of Dermatovenerology and Aesthetic Medicine of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Galina Makurina and assistant of this department, Ph.D. Lilia Cherneda. They shared their impressions.

Galina Makurina said ”The most relevant topics of the field that came into focus at the congress include infectious skin pathology, inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, hair diseases, cosmetology, and other problems. New directions of therapy were also discussed as well as how new achievements in diagnostics, the study of the causes of the disease, and mechanisms of its development can help with work in the new directions of therapy. Scientists from different countries analyzed the peculiarities of the course of these diseases in different countries and exchanged experiences.
 An analysis of scientific publications over the year was also conducted. New interesting lines of treatment and diagnostics were highlighted.
It was a big pleasure to see a delegation from Ukraine in such challenging times for our country. A delegation consisted of 100 people approximately. The participants of the congress from other countries expressed huge support for our country, our doctors, and the Ukrainian delegation.
Lilia Chereda said “We got a really valuable experience by visiting the congress. We will put into practice all this experience. We will use it for our clinical scientific and research work. First of all, we will of course pass the knowledge to the students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Education. We have already started to share knowledge concerning new ways of therapy and diagnosis of various dermatoses, as it is practiced in the world with our colleagues.
 We will apply in practice as many modern therapeutic algorithms as possible because all the algorithms allow us to achieve more effective results in the treatment process. We also spoke with colleagues from France, the USA, and other countries. We discussed practical issues with them. It was interesting to learn about their experience of treating certain nosologies. We have already also used the knowledge they passed us and are going to use it in the future. 

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