Practical classes in midwifery for foreign students

Practical classes in midwifery for foreign students

The students from the Republic of India, who are studying in their fifth year, have been starting practice classes at the Interdepartmental Training Center. One such class have led by the Assistant Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of ZSMPhU Nataliya Gaidai.
"We work with these students in a face-to-face format at their request," Nataliya Viktorivna said. – Theoretical classes are held online, and students master the topics on a worthy level. But there is no substitute for practice, so we are glad to have the opportunity to practice on the simulators of the Training Center. Students can master their skills on the Noel simulator,  a computerized model of a pregnant woman. The dummy reproduces the process of physiological and pathological childbirth. It is used to practice at various stages of pregnancy, acquire skills in gynecological examination, palpate the mammary gland, and so on.
The class course consists of the examination of a pregnant woman, the biomechanism of childbirth in normal course and pathology, the sequence of gynecological examination of a woman, and skills of working with the necessary tools. Such a work format allows students to develop clinical thinking, and practice in making diagnoses based on the patient examination. It is also important to know how to formulate questions in the right way so we pay attention to this aspect, as well.”    
The Assistant professor said that the fifth-year students are already almost formed as doctors, they studied gynecology in the fourth year, and now they’re studying the cycle of obstetrics and the general study of the subject is coming to an end. Practical skills are very necessary for them because, after a short period, they will work on their own.
The Dean of the International Faculty №3, the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Taras Ivanenko marked that foreign students are curious, ask many questions, share their successes, and are thankful for the knowledge because within the university they’re receiving a high-quality education. The education process takes place in the classical format, as it was at the university before the war, that is, with a mix of theoretical and face-to-face practical parts. Thus, while studying pediatrics, students actively visited the regional children's hospital and participated in managing patients.

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