ZSMPhU meets foreign students

ZSMPhU meets foreign students

The Zaporizhzhia Medical and Pharmaceutical University has started accepting foreign citizens to study. Entrants were invited to take exams in a mixed format - online and offline. Today, three entrants - citizens of Great Britain, Spain, and Morocco demonstrated their knowledge in front of the examination board, which included representatives of the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Medical Physics, biophysics, and higher mathematics. Two of them are going to study medicine, and the Moroccan entrant is going to study dentistry. The exams were held in a friendly atmosphere, the future applicants were tested in English, which they are going to study in the future, as well as in biology and mathematics, which they will study by choice. The Deputy Dean of the international faculty #2, and technical secretary of the admissions committee Dmytro Tymofiev noted that the exam process for foreign citizens at ZSMPhU was worked out perfectly. They communicated on the MS Teams platform. The exam is held on the basis of a partner company of ZSMPhU in the city of Casablanca (Morocco). According to the new admission rules, the entire exam process is captured on video and submitted with the admission results to the Unified State Electronic Database on the education system. There are more people who want to join ZSMPhU. Their documents are being processed. We also have an entrant from Great Britain. Gary Horn already has a medical education and several years of practice in his homeland. He worked during the Covid-19 pandemic in a hospital as a nurse, providing assistance to adults and children. He felt the need for higher education and applied to seven medical universities, and ZSMPhU was the first to respond. He spoke with the admissions committee, compared with other universities, and decided to choose our university. So ZSMPhU is open to young people from all over the world!

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