Best Educational Technologies for Doctors-Interns

Best Educational Technologies for Doctors-Interns

First-year doctors-interns are developing professional skills at the Educational and Medical Training Center. The class is conducted by Vladyslav Chornyi, Assistant of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics. He marked that further colleagues always came here with great pleasure and were excited about practicing there.

He also shared that, "this particular training center is the newest one among all others. It was equipped in the area of the Late Maternity Hospital No. 1. That is why they will hardly find such a level of equipment even in the Traumatology Departments of their futher workplaces. Our university always looks up to European and international leading-edge standards, which is why interns' training is held with the usage of the best-advanced technologies. For example, they have practiced splinting and putting tourniquets within the emergency first aid course today. The modern devices for intra-articular injections are also presented here. These technologies are highly popular. A doctor needs to be extremely accurate during the process, special simulators help to reach the goal.

We can use devices for artificial lung ventilation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ultrasound diagnostics, defibrillators, equipment for performing E-FAST - protocols, and ECG machines. There are also special classes for working with the Virtual Patient based on scenarios in Traumatology. I am very glad that our students can use such technologies to enhance their theoretic knowledge with practical abilities. Further doctors successfully master not only the the emergency first aid field but sophisticated fields of their specialization as well, including damage of the upper and lower limbs, features of children's and sports orthopedics. They will also master rehabilitation cycles, spine damage, and polytrauma shortly.

Vladyslav Chornyi also marked that this group of doctors-interns are highly motivated to become the best of the best specialists in their field. They also attended a scientific club to enhance their knowledge, because students prepare essays on interesting topics, show presentations, hold debates there, and so on. They keep to the highest level of self-preparation as well to show the best results after the three-month cycle of on-site preparation."

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