Internship in Turkey with ZSMPhU Knowledge

Internship in Turkey with ZSMPhU Knowledge

Hanna Reida, a fourth-year student of the Medical Faculty No. 2 completed an internship at Ondokuz Mayıs University (Samsun, Turkey) as part of international academic mobility under the EU Erasmus+ KA107: ICM program.

Studies at Ondokuz Mayıs University lasted for five months. Simultaneously with the internship abroad, the student attended online classes at ZSMPhU, which is possible to achieve without any obstacles thanks to the technical capabilities.

Hanna Reida shares her impressions of the internship: "I did an internship at the Samsun hospital. I gained valuable experience that will be useful to me in my future profession. It was interesting to practice: apply plaster, treat wounds, make dressings, remove stitches, make injections. In addition, I did an ECG, an ultrasound, and determined blood glucose using a glucometer. I was lucky to be present at various operations, accompanied doctors in medical examinations of patients. I had the opportunity to conduct a physical examination of patients and detect neoplasms, performed biopsies. During a cesarean section, I saw the process of birth of a new life. Turkish colleagues shared their experience of lumbar puncture and endoscopy. During the procedure of cerebral angiography, I saw how doctors diagnose thromboembolism.

Months of intense training enriched me with new practical knowledge in various fields of medicine. It should be said that there I felt how powerful the training at our university is. Learning from such lecturers, the mentors of ZSMPhU, it is not scary to go to any clinic for an internship."

The student highly appreciated the possibilities of the international academic mobility, which opens not only new horizons of learning and cultural exchange, but also new opportunities for travel, development, meeting people from different parts of the world. Thanks to the fact that ZSMPhU actively supports international academic mobility, students can share their own experience and gain the new one from all over the world, establish international professional connections, and gain new knowledge.

"I was pleased to feel the support and kindness of my Turkish colleagues, who were always ready to teach me something new, I am thankful to them," added Hanna. "I am grateful to ZSMPhU for the knowledge and skills I am getting, for the great opportunity to use them in practice, and to talk abroad about our university."

29 August 2023

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