Traineeship with Turkish Colleagues

Traineeship with Turkish Colleagues

As part of the Erasmus+ KA107 internship program "ICM Between Program and Partner Countries: Training Mobility of Individuals", Olena Chernenko, assistant professor of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health, and postgraduate student Natalia Zakharchenko, assistant of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, visited the Medical Faculty of Ondokuz Mayıs University (Samsun, Turkey).

Professor Betül Yıldırım, project coordinator, and Professor Sezgin Güneş dean of the faculty, sincerely met Ukrainian colleagues and coordinated their meeting, offering a rich program in guests' areas of interest.

Olena Chernenko was attached to the Department of Internal Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Gamze Alaylı, professor of the department, introduced the hardware techniques used for the recovery of patients after injuries and diseases. Ms. Chernenko was also invited to visit the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the University Clinic, where she got acquainted with the methods of rehabilitation of patients after neurological diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. She also completed a traineeship under the guidance of Professor Ayhan Bilgici, during which colleagues exchanged experience on the implementation of modern rehabilitation tools in the process of restorative treatment.

Natalia Zakharchenko completed her traineeship program on the basis of the University Clinic in a pediatric hospital under the supervision of Professor Leyla Akın. During the traineeship, she visited the Departments of Endocrinology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Intensive Care, Polyclinic Department, and Inpatient Pediatric Department. Ms. Zakharchenko was at the reception together with the nephrologist doctor, and at the medical round in the Neonatal Department together with Professor Mustafa Ali Akın. Ms. Zakharchenko noted that the students are currently on summer vacation, so, unfortunately, they did not see the educational process, but the Turkish colleagues explained in detail the path a student must take to become a pediatrician.

Such traineeships enrich experience and inspire further work.

27 July 2023

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