Summer School: Art of Massage

Summer School: Art of Massage

The students mastering their practical skills in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at the Summer School had a real pleasure. Especially when they started practicing in the massage room of the Physical Therapy Training Center located in hostel No. 3.

Professor Eduard Doroshenko, Doctor of Science in Physical Education and Sports, the Head of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education and Health, thinks that the Summer School was very useful for students of all courses, because the practice makes up 90 percent of the professional standard of the students. "Our students master a wide range of skills," says the professor. "There is a focus on massage, because upon graduation from the university at the Bachelor's level, graduates receive a qualification of a Massage Therapist or Sports Massage Therapist. The study of massage techniques is present at both the Bachelor's and Master's levels. That's why we offer practical massage skills training at the Summer School. We pay special attention to its types — classical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation. With a university diploma, graduates can officially engage in this activity.

For example, this year, it was the first graduation of masters in the specialty, and among the graduates was Nastia Dolzhenko, who now works as an assistant coach and massage therapist at the Invasport, works with children with special needs, and conducts swimming training sessions. Another graduate, Iieremiia Pogorelyi, works as a rehabilitation therapist and massage therapist for the Zoria football club (Luhansk), which won the bronze medal in this year's Ukrainian championship and participated in the Europe League. This proves the demand of our students, who have high-quality training at a top level."

25 July 2023

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