Practical Skills Following Modern Standards

Practical Skills Following Modern Standards

The educational project for practical skills improvement at the postgraduate stage, implemented for Indian graduates of ZSMPhU majoring in "Medicine", is nearing completion. The young specialists started the last training out of five scheduled in the training calendar. Today and tomorrow they have Obstetrics and Gynecology classes.

In the morning, the whole group came together to the Educational, Medical and Scientific Training Center of the university, located in the former premises of Maternity Hospital No. 1. The class is conducted by Kateryna Liubomyrska, the assistant of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of ZSMPhU.

"Since the graduates in the senior years received thorough training in the discipline, now, at their request, we are focusing on practical skills," explained Kateryna Liubomyrska. "In this training center, there are enough necessary simulators to simulate a situation close to the real one. For example, it is important for a doctor to be able to perform modern physiological tests and examinations of gynecological and obstetric patients. Specialists will also familiarize themselves with modern protocols used by gynecological and obstetric doctors at the international level. With interest, they carry out manipulations on their own, simulate a sample of physiological childbirth, demonstrate the procedure of collecting material on manikins, summarize the information obtained to make a diagnosis.

The activity of our graduates should be noted, they strive to catch up with practice of the material studied during distance learning. Our classes take place in the format of dialogues, discussions, exchange of opinions, it is nice that colleagues have sufficient training."

20 July 2023

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