Polish Experience: New Ideas for Educational Process

Polish Experience: New Ideas for Educational Process

Almost 50 employees of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University received certificates from their Polish colleagues for their active participation in the Polish-Ukrainian project "Dissemination of Best Teaching Experience in Selected Fields of Study for Preparation for Medical Professions, with Special Emphasis on Standardization and Quality of Education".

Each of the participants, including deans of faculties, heads and lecturers of departments, had the pleasure of professional communication and exchange of experience of teaching medical students.

"It has already become a tradition that the scientific and pedagogical staff of ZSMPhU constantly improves their qualifications and borrows experience from European colleagues. This is necessary to be at the forefront of the latest pedagogical trends in the organization of the educational process," noted Associate Professor Zhanna Ragrina, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Dean of the International Faculty No. 1, ZSMPhU curator of the project. "The project was very interesting, it consisted of three stages: two trainings and a scientific conference. Within the framework of this platform, Polish colleagues shared their experience and provided access to materials related to the following thematic areas: teaching Hygiene, Epidemiology, and Health Care; teaching Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology; teaching Physiology and Pathophysiology. The latest methods and forms of education in the field of medicine were presented, considering internationalized standards and advanced practices developed by outstanding scientists and lectures at Warsaw Medical University. The participants got acquainted with the presentations in Polish and Ukrainian, with a description of how hygiene and epidemiology classes are conducted in European higher education institutions. Colleagues gave examples of practices that can serve as a resource for other countries. A video recording of the conference, how we conduct hygienic-epidemiological classes, was presented. A multi-professional training guide on patient safety, which has been developed to assist university teaching in dentistry, medicine, obstetrics, nursing, and pharmacy, has been reviewed with interest.

Project participants discussed topical issues related to telemedicine, remote medical care, medical informatics, medical information management, information and communication technologies in health care, as well as problems of standardization of training and quality of education in European countries.

Everybody highly appreciated the organization of the work of Polish colleagues and expressed their desire to hold similar events regularly. All of us will undoubtedly need such an experience."

4 May 2023

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