First Meetings of Labor Collective Conference and Academic Council

First Meetings of Labor Collective Conference and Academic Council

Today, Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University held the first meetings of the newly elected Labor Collective Conference and the Academic Council. In advance, members of the governing bodies were elected at meetings of structural units, the Student Council, the Society of Young Scientists, and other associations according to the quotas determined by the law. 138 delegates were elected for the Labor Collective Conference, and 104 delegates — for the Academic Council.

At the Labor Collective Conference, a permanent presidium was elected, as well as mandate and counting commissions; the personal composition of the Academic Council, as well as rules of internal procedure were approved; the Collective Agreement was reapproved, and the Supervisory Board of ZSMPhU was also elected.

Also, during the meeting of the Conference, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk, Acting Rector of ZSMPhU, was submitted as a candidate for the position of the Head of the Academic Council of the university.

After the end of the Conference, the newly elected Academic Council of ZSMPhU started its work. The main issue included in the agenda was the election of the Head of the Academic Council. After electing the Counting Commission, approving the voting procedure, producing ballots, the members of the council started secret voting. The results of the voting confirmed the unanimity, and as a result Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk was unanimously elected as the Head of the Academic Council of ZSMPhU.

At the meeting, they approved new provisions regulating the activities of the university in all areas of activity, voted for the continuation of educational programs at various levels of education, and approved a number of personnel decisions.

21 April 2023

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