ZSMPhU in Institutional Repositories Ranking

ZSMPhU in Institutional Repositories Ranking

In February, the winter update of the 2023 global ranking by Webometrics, Transparent Ranking: Institutional Repositories by Google Scholar, was published. Thanks to this rating, the number of full-text documents available in open access repositories and the extent of their indexing in Google Scholar is measured.

The main goal of the rating of institutional repositories is to stimulate the exchange of scientific information among scientists from all over the world, thanks to the placement of research results on the websites of HEI. After all, the institutional repository is not only a web repository for scientific research and publications, but also an indicator of the level of scientific and intellectual activity of an educational institution.

According to the results of the published rating, the Institutional Repository of IRZSMPhU (Institutional Repository of Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University) ranked:

  • First place among institutional repositories of the Zaporizhzhia oblast;
  • Second place among 16 medical higher education institutions of Ukraine;
  • 24th place among the repositories of the HEI of Ukraine;
  • 400th place among 3,922 institutional repositories of the world;
  • 426th place among 4,048 repositories of the world;
  • The number of indexed documents in Google Scholar is 13,500.

According to the latest data, the collection of the IRZSMPhU includes more than 18,000 records. Thanks to the productive and persistent work of scientists of ZSMPhU, as well as the staff of the library, a worthy rating of ZSMPhU is formed every day, both at the state and world levels.

ZSMPhU actively supports and promotes the global policy of open access to scientific information and distributes its own scientific developments through open channels of university resources.

We would like to thank the scientists of ZSMPhU for the fruitful cooperation with the library specialists, thanks to which the presentation of our university on the international arena takes place at a decent level!

Let's continue to work!

3 March 2023

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