ZSMPhU Expands International Cooperation

We are happy to announce that Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University and American Medical Academy Inc. (AMA) have executed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement (consortium agreement) for establishing and operating AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus in Poland, later in the USA and other EU countries.

The American Medical Academy Inc. is an education, training, and healthcare services organization, located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and has established strategic partnerships with various US and international universities for providing education and training to many international students in different fields including Medicine, Healthcare, Business, IT/Cyber Security, Biotechnology, and more.

In accordance with the agreement between the AMA and ZSMPhU, the AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus is currently under development in Rzeszów and Stalowa Wola (Poland). The aim of the program is to prepare high-qualified medical specialists. The start of the Master of Medicine academic program will be announced later.

Upon completion of the six-year program, graduates of the AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus will receive a Master of Medicine degree from ZSMPhU. Diplomas obtained at ZSMPhU are recognized in Poland, Croatia, Canada, the USA, India, Australia, the EU, the UK and other countries of the world. ZSMPhU is included in the World Registry of Medical Schools, and its graduates are eligible to apply for certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). ZSMPhU accreditation can be found at the following link: https://search.wdoms.org/home/SchoolDetail/F0000296.

The academic and training programs of the AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus are provided by ZSMPhU and the Academic Council of ZSMPhU; and the campus is managed and administered by the Polish subsidiary, the American Medical Academy in Poland (AMA-Poland), with the support and cooperation of the ZSMPhU staff and its Ukrainian-Polish administration.

The AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus in Poland was established to provide students with a high-quality medical education in English according to a six-year curriculum (EU/US integrated curriculum). ZSMPhU aims to provide quality education and training for Ukrainian and foreign medical students, and the academic process at the AMA-ZSMPhU (Poland) campus will involve ZSMPhU faculty and European international medical experts.

Student hostels are available (if needed; boys' and girls' hostels are separate) near to the AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus in Poland. For additional information, including possible admission, accommodation, and any other information, please contact:

American Medical Academy Poland Sp. z o. o.
(AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus):
Rzeszow & Stalowa Wola, Poland.


Advantages of studying at the AMA-ZSMPhU Medical Campus in Poland (by AMA):

13 February 2023

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