Lecturers Master Latest Educational Technology

Lecturers Master Latest Educational Technology

Zaporizhzhia State Medical and Pharmaceutical University held a methodical seminar on the "Labster Virtual Lab Simulator. Latest educational technology".

More than 70 lecturers of pre-clinical departments, who train students on various courses, took part in the seminar class, which was broadcast via the MS Teams. During the seminar, Bohdan Burlaka, the Associate Professor of the Department of Medicines Technology, introduced the audience to the capabilities of the Labster Virtual Lab Simulator, scenarios, and prospects for its application in the educational process. This interactive learning environment platform allows you to add individualized learning of laboratory skills and visualization of theory to student learning.

After registration on the Labster platform, more than 300 simulation scenarios from various educational disciplines of the medical and biological course and 50 educational videos become available to lecturers. The lecturer can create a small course-scenario from several simulations for students to learn the necessary educational competencies. Each simulation includes a set of materials: theoretical information, video instructions, an algorithm of actions that students must perform in the virtual 3D lab to successfully complete the task, and several test questions to check their mastery of the simulation topic. The participants of the seminar class could visually review the work process in the simulator using as an example the simulation scenario "Study of the Distillation Process", demonstrated live by the speaker.

The introduction of this technology into the educational process will help students to acquire the necessary professional skills and competences in an interesting interactive way, to successfully learn the program learning outcomes. As for lecturers, it will help them expand their pedagogical skills and diversify the methodological support of classes.

16 February 2023

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