Latest 3D Organon VR Anatomy Technology for Studying

Latest 3D Organon VR Anatomy Technology for Studying

The manufacturers of the 3D Organon VR Anatomy are constantly improving this unique technology, adding new functionalities. After another acquisition of a license for the right to use the software, ZSMU got the opportunity to introduce new functionalities of the full VR system, a virtual ultrasound sensor, into the educational process. The lecturers of the Department of Human Anatomy, Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy were the first to get acquainted with the unique opportunities.

According to Associate Professor Maksym Shcherbakov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Acting Head of the Department, 3D technology is a very convenient additional tool for explaining new topics to students: "This is, in fact, an interactive anatomical atlas representing all 15 systems of the human body. This version contains a module of human movements with animation of joints and bones. The 3D Organon deploys high-quality, realistic 3D models that cover all aspects of the human body. We see organ systems separately or in a complex. We can combine, for example, the skeletal system with the muscular system, or the muscular system with the cardiovascular system. We can see vessels and nerves separately.

It is very interesting to be able to demonstrate to students the possibilities of movements in individual joints, as well as which muscles help to perform them, the interaction between bones and muscles, muscles and blood vessels. The 3D format allows you to view the structure of any organ from different angles, to see how any joint moves in three dimensions. The technology demonstrates the differences between female and male organisms, as well as the structure of the topographical regions of the human body. Structures located on the head, neck, upper and lower limbs, abdomen, pelvis, etc. are clearly visible.

Those who are familiar with the program are of particular interest to the opportunities that 3D technology shows in the ultrasound diagnostics, which comes in handy, when studying topographic anatomy. We see on which part of the body the ultrasound sensor should be placed, at the same time we see the organs which are included in this area, and the picture that the ultrasound doctor observes on the monitor. Thus, it is possible to compare these two pictures on the part of the body that is currently being studied.

This program can be used with a virtual reality helmet or without it, on the screen, which allows the lecturer to demonstrate all the structures, for example, in an online class. Students view images on their computers. Since all processes take place dynamically, we can use them to create our own video content, which can be shown to students on video screens installed in all classrooms.

The 3D Organon VR Anatomy expands and diversifies our anatomy teaching capabilities, it is an addition to the Anatomage anatomy table that also serves students. But if the Anatomage shows organs and systems in a fixed position, the 3D Organon does it dynamically. It especially helps anyone to visualize and explore anatomy, for example, when studying the work of muscles. It is interesting to tell students about the functions of the muscles of the larynx, to observe how each of them acts on the larynx, on the vocal cords — relax or tighten them. This also applies to the joints.

The extensive knowledge base accumulated in the 3D Organon VR Anatomy program is based on the official Terminologia Anatomica, which was worked on by professors and scientists with world names. Its possibilities are limitless. That is why ZSMU students are proud that such technologies are available to them."

By the way, the university has three 3D Organon VR Anatomy systems: two systems are located in the premises of the new library complex and one more in the Interdepartmental Training Center.

8 February 2023

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