Physical Therapists Take Final Exam

Physical Therapists Take Final Exam

Today, fourth-year students majoring in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy took the last exam of this exam session. They fully demonstrated their knowledge of the specialized subject "Fundamentals of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy".

Professor Eduard Doroshenko, Doctor of Sciences in Physical Education and Sports, the Head of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Physical Education, and Health, congratulated the students, all 52 of whom registered on the MS Teams platform, with this event. Since the students have already mastered up to 90% of the course curriculum, the professor expressed hope that they will successfully cope with the test tasks.

Associate Professor Svitlana Kanyhina, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty No. 3, guarantor of the educational program "Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy" of the first (bachelor's) level of higher education, specialty 227 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, who taught students of this discipline, noted their conscientious attitude to teaching. Fourth-year students are graduates, they complete their university studies in the spring, and as this course is final, it multifacetedly combines components from important directions of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, which will be basic in the practical work of future specialists. Therefore, both the Dean's Office and the Department cheer for their students and believe in them.

23 January 2023

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