Improving Blended Learning: Interactive Classes

Improving Blended Learning: Interactive Classes

Today, third-year students of the Medical Faculties Nos. 1 and 2 had a practical class in the new, modern OSCE Center, equipped according to the latest requirements for conducting classes and a structured exam. Several groups of students, under the guidance of lecturers of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine, Radiation Diagnostics and Radiation Therapy, practiced electrocardiography. At the same time, their fellow students who joined the class online had approximate access to everything that happened at the internal medicine propaedeutics stations, followed the process, asked questions, and commented.

Professor Lana Lukashenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Head of the department, noted: "Today we studied the making of an electrocardiogram, its interpretation. We have the pleasure of communication offline because everyone missed it very much, there were many people willing to come to the classes in person. Two of the 12 stations have been set up for working out the internal medicine propaedeutics cycle. Each station is equipped with a video surveillance system and recording of classes or exams. The OSCE Center is a unique training ground for honing practical skills and conducting attestation of graduates based on the principles of objectivity, transparency, and unity of the method of evaluating results, and our students are enthusiastic about it! It is very important that simulation training contributes to the formation of teamwork skills in future doctors, they will be as close as possible to real clinical situations from the moment they are students."

Vladyslav Lysenko, Assistant of the department, worked interestingly and inspiringly with the second group of students. "Theoretically, third-year students have an idea about electrocardiography, but until they feel how to apply the electrodes correctly, carry out the entire process by themselves and understand it, this can lead to mistakes in professional work," commented Vladyslav Lysenko. "That is why the class is based on the assessment of cardiograms that were taken in the past, as well as practicing the application of electrodes, reading the results. We are using this Center, which is well equipped with mannequins, dummies, medical equipment, because this is the skill that the graduates will perform in the structured exam that will be held here. It is important that already in the third year, students practically master this section."

Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk, Doctor of Medical Sciences, the Rector of ZSMU, who together with the Pro-rectors of the university visited the OSCE Center, spoke with the students. Professor Kolesnyk asked the youth, how they live and study in such a difficult time, encouraged them, expressing confidence that we will overcome all difficulties and Ukraine will win Victory.

An interesting excursion was organized for the third-year students by Tetiana Karpenko, the director of the ZSMU Library, showing the students a modern library, which is a part of the educational and scientific complex, which also includes the OSCE Center.

18 November 2022

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